When yelling can be ignored – sms short story!

It was Monday afternoon and I just got home from school. My parents were yelling at each other in the living room, so I quickly went to my room, turned on the computer and logged on to Facebook. I had received a new friend request from the new boy Michael in my class. I accepted it without hesitation and I did not even blink before he texted me.

Michael: Hi Clare. jst got home?

Me: yyssw. I’m redE 2 do my h/w. whr do U live?

Michael: On d othR side of d skul. It’s jst my mom & me. my dad L us. I h8 him!

Me: @ lEst yor parNts aren’r :0 @ Ech othR aL d tym. I h8 bn downstairs. I jst stA n my r%m aL nyt.

Michael: SBTA 2 hEr dat
… f U wnt to, U cn slp @ my plAc som dA – we’ve got plenty of r%m 4 U!

Me: Wow – thanks! I wud luv 2.

Michael: gr8! We cn do it NXT wk f that’s k w u?

Me: dat sounds perfect.
…I’ll c U 2moro @ skul then…

Michael: U wiL 🙂 See ya!

I shut down the computer and went downstairs. My parents were still angry with each other, but I couldn’t care less cause I’d just met my potential new boyfriend!


My first brainstorm on the subject: 
Social network – elevintra, facebook, twitter, instagram
Games – y8, lol, wow
Movies – Viaplay, netflix, noobroom
Mail – G-mail, Hotmail
Book – ibook
News – Cnn, tv2, dr
Shopping – Smartguy, asos
Music – Itunes, youtube, spotify
Internet dating
Consequences: Addiction
Benefits: Friends